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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello! Just back for a lil update before I go for our trip back t in-laws house @ JB!
Will be there till Friday night, Sil bringing us for shopping, swimming, everything! But sadly, this time round Yl can't join us again... Due t his cases, his passport can't be proceed again :'(
But it's okay! We still have many time for our next trip there next time!
The last time we (me & Shervonne) went there was around a year ago... This time round, we're bringing Sherwaynne along too! I hope I can cope well, with 2 babies!
I love chats w Mil at night! (bcause me & mil will b sharing the same room if i stayed over there)

2nd June 2013, Sunday.
Baby & Food fair w Dad, Mum, Sis, Shervonne & Sherwaynne!

Was planning to go for the Babyfair w mummy since Thursday, so mummy suggested that we wait fr daddy's off day and we can go together! Just happened that, Sis was on off too so she wanted t tag along~


Hair up for the day because I'm carrying Sherwaynne on the carrier!

Had our Branch @ Subway first, then t baby fair t look around, shop around~
 We proceeded t the Food Fair bcause Daddy complains that the food smells so nice inside and he's hungry already..
Walked around, found some mascot & Shervonne got so happy yet scared of them.

In the end, when the owl played peekaboo w her, she laughed so loudly!

Then the Dodo fishball boy

She loves him!

Waited fr almost 1hr t get our seats, everyone is waiting for table seats there! One of the family (whole family like around 5 people) sat on one of the table seats for hours already still don't wanna get up, worst is they are not even eating anything! Son playing ipad, daddy playing phone, Mum watching show, Ahgong looking around.. Tsk...... So many of those people at the foodfair walked pass that table and keep looking at them...... Even we left after eating, they are still not up yet -_-"

While we was eating half way, a Ahma sat down on the avl seat, look like waiting for someone. Then suddenly a Ahgong came, daddy offered his seat to him and he told us No because he have a seat there, we was wondering where and why he have a seat (that can be kept!) so after he sat down, mummy ask if they want some beancurd that I bought from the beancurd stall there, and that ahgong told us that he's the boss of it! He then told us that actually 老伴(a very famous beancurd), 开心(the one at the fair) & 1 more brand is all his! So coincidence that they actually is the Ahma & Ahgong we always saw on the 老伴 beancurd container!!
After "tea breaks" there we went back t bbfair again t shop. Shervonne requested t go for the bouncing castle there, so Daddy accompany her there while me & Mummy do a lil shopping! Was looking for Sherwaynne's teething pads for his Ergo Carrier, but can't seems t find anywhere.. So keep turning round and round around the fair till we finally found 1 at one of the booth, the last piece! It's selling so fast cause it's on offer! Got it @ $15 per pair only!! :D

Then...... we got a call from daddy, saying that Shervonne vomited all over there! Rush back there, cleaned & changed her up then she wanted to play longer, so after the stuffs there set up the bounching castle (small) there, Shervonne was bouncing happily inside until an Indian boy went in, don't know how he jump can jump until hit her, heard her crying so loudly so I rushed over & saw her bloody mouth full of bloods ~.~
After her "crying session" she actually told us that the indian boy hit his head against her mouth, and she happens to bite on her own gums I think.. Worst part is, the dad stand there watching her cry & he did not apologias! So angry!!!

Went CCP after that to have our dinner, played the arcade w the cranky girl awhile then headed Hsh!

 Our loots of the day! 
Playdoh for Shervonne, Swimming float for Sherwaynne & Me, Teething pads & Banana teether for Sherwaynne too!

 7th June 2013, Friday.

Going for a trip to the in-laws house (as mentioned above)
So we need to get Sherwaynne's passport done... 
Met Yl after his work @ Lavender Mrt then proceeded t do Sherwaynne's passport there..

Soooooooooooooooo adorable!!! ♥.♥

After that Branch @ Nex bought Shervonne her another set of ABC playdoh then HSH!

 While waiting for the cab home~

Look @ her face....... lol!!!!!
Here presenting my lil Playdoh supporter.
Her collections!!! LOL


Done by me, Yay! Nice???

Camwhore a bit before bathing :p

And the girl w Furbieeeeeeeeeee~

10th June 2013, Monday.
Mummy happened t be free on Monday so she decided t bring the babies for a swim!
It's Sherwaynne's 1st swim!

The happy babies woke up super early!

Prepared ourself then took a cab there to SengKang Swimming Complex.
After reaching, alighted from the cab then we relaized it's closed!! Damnnnnnn.
No choice, we have t go back t Hougang's instead....
Waited soooo long so a cab, called 2 cabs and both cabs actually cancel the booking cause they can't find us!
In the end, finally a cab came out of the carpark then pick us up!

 Look at the babies! 
Don't look at my naked face. Hahahahahha

Till then!
* Next post about Didi's 5 months old progress

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello! Back to update a lil at this lil space of mine~
Didn't really went out these few days bcause bringing 2 babies out if no joke. Especially at crowded places & crowded timings...
Sooooo, if we'll be heading out mostly it'll be th Big sis playtime! Where the lil bro just relax at one corner w mommy.

Few weeks ago, we went to Tickle tickle w Shervonne's long lost friends!

Making fun of th lil bro before we head out :p

And so, my hiao-po followed me, doing the same thing after bath -_-"



Finally reach there.... Finally we can relax a bit....
Here's a pic of me & Enqi!

And so, we cannot don't camwhore right? :p

Don't know who is the ah hiao lor, suggest us to do Aunty version of "Kiyomi"
Not I aunty okie. Is them Hahahahaha

Then the 2 relaxing at one corner~~

Didi getting frustrated for lying on a flat floor. lol

See! They 3 have grown up so much! ^^

After they finish playing, kting went for dinner w her hus fetching her from there~
Me & J went for our dinner @ Hgmall Pizza Hut~


20th May 2013, Monday.

Then another Monday, me & Yl decided to bring Enqi for Tickle Tickle again! 
She behaves well, she deserve a playtime, right? ^^

She loves the doll there so much!
Daddy ask her if she loves the doll there more or the one at home more.
She said the one there more 可爱 (cute)! faints

Me & didi gets real bored while the papa acc her t play~
Trying out the effects! 

And it turns out so nice! Love the color!
Anyway, naked face for that day T.T

 Cooking for her baby

Caring for her baby again~


Then hsh after a 2hrs of fun!

 Love her ribbon-of-the-day
So kawaii! Th' bunny ears ribbon!

Muhahahahaha, look at the lil bro behind whining

23rd May 2013, Thursday.

Saw the great deal of Singkids at
Faster faster chop chop purchased it and went for it the next day w mommy!

This is the 1st outfit-of-the-day of the babies! 
(we changed enqi dress after these shots because it's all wet thanks to her leaking bottle -_-")

Soooooo pinch-able :p

And my OOTD! with my flabby arms ToT

Quite disappointed when we entered the Singkids @ the United Square outlet because it was so small than expected & not a toddle friendly place :(

But still my Hapi girl!

Mommy laughing behind bcause this boy here keep refusing to let enqi go up the slide ><

 Sad to say, Enqi kept on repeating going up & down the slide bcause this is the only thing there that she's int in D:

Trying out other activity~

 Look at her face. After this shot she quickly jumped down this moving boat bcause she said "等一下 fall down leh"

 My boss relaxing at a corner~

At first when she first saw these 2 moving bears (another one is in brown), she was so so afraid of them..
But slowly she ride on herself!

 The slide again, you see. lol


A shot w ma boy! Love his smile sooo much :* 
Then a shot w both my babies! My loves ^o^
After play time, we went Nex to shop a lil while the babies nap...
Then back t Hg1 for our dinner @ Saizeriya~

Ending my post w my lil piggy!
Great day ahead everyone! :)